COLOURS follows best friends Clay and Dalia over three days leading up to the highly anticipated party of the summer. The two depend on their routines and intimate friendship to balance out their dysfunctional home life. Clay is desperately searching for independence, away from his mother and her abusive partner. Dalia's identity as a proud a black woman is shaken when she witnesses her mother bleaching her skin. Now, she notices the microaggressions of colorism all around her, even in Clay. She begins to question everything she once believed in, including herself. As a result the two go on individual journeys to learn how to exist in their environment.


Release Date: 2023Runtime: 27min.


A couple's perspective is challenged when a dilemma arises. In a world where everything is black and white, Jermaine and Carmen struggle with fear and self doubt. In a conversation that will fortify their fate, we see a couple that is in love, but struggles to get past their own inflicted ideas.


Release Date: 2018Runtime: 8 min.