About Us

Our Campfire is an artist-owned medium built to empower filmmakers to reach and engage audiences near and far. Our mission is to champion creative storytellers and connect their stories to a global audience looking for a connection. Our film arm develops, finances, and produces original short stories while our media arm finds new innovative ways to deliver exclusive content to our audience.

Where Storytelling and Marketing Intersect

We Discover

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate emerging and established film curators within the industry. Our primary focus is to connect film lovers with the creators that are telling unique stories. Currently, we host film enthusiasts, filmmakers, scriptwriters, casting directors, producers, and investors. At the campfire you get to connect with your most passionate fans, and drive engagement on all your channels.

We Scale

Accepting all challenges, we find a unique approach to forecasting growth for "Our Campfire" artists. Getting exposure for your project can be challenging and so we are here to help. When you become a member, we combine cultural expertise and data science to match you to brand opportunities that are relevant to you and your film content. 

We're Coalesce Cinema

We are a team who have similar priorities and values. Keep your rights! We're creating a experiential exhibition for people who also love film, love to discover new work and are eager to find their next collaborator. This event highlights the power of storytelling and how it interconnects audiences despite the subject matter.

Where Storytelling and Finance Intersect

Our Campfire structures funding for projects across all genres for audiences . There is no tailored way to film financing because every film comes together in it's own original way, but we're here to provide elegant solutions that will be suited for your project.