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COLOURS follows best friends Clay and Dalia over three days leading up to the highly anticipated party of the summer. The two depend on their routines and intimate friendship to balance out their dysfunctional home life. Clay is desperately searching for independence, away from his mother and her abusive partner. Dalia's identity as a proud a black woman is shaken when she witnesses her mother bleaching her skin. Now, she notices the microaggressions of colorism all around her, even in Clay. She begins to question everything she once believed in, including herself. As a result the two go on individual journeys to learn how to exist in their environment.


Written and Directed by Kofi BlackRelease Date:TBDRuntime:TBD

Kofi Black has written a number of shorts, short stories with experience in web series. He loves to tell stories that reflect and represent his community and identity as a first-generation American while exploring one's personal transformation in unique ways. Kofi Black's directorial debut was for Why Not Us – A short film written by Dylan K. Ayisi which made it's rounds in the 2018 New York Film Festival circuit. Writer/ Editor for AVENUE, a short film by Lotus Park Films LLC (writer). "RUN" won first place in Gotham Writers's Screenwriting Competition. Kofi Black's on set Directorial and Production experience come his time working on (BET Web-series) MakeupxBreakup, (Web-series) ASUNDER, PHASE Media and many others.