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Each week, we feature talented directors, insightful writers and curious thespians who are creating provocative and authentic stories that change how we think and view the world around us. 

  • Introducing Filmmaker and writer Haley Anderson

    I want my work to be raw. My work oftentimes helps me process life. I do think a line should be drawn when vulnerability makes it impossible to do the work, the process. Otherwise, I think there’s a certain quality of work that emerges when vulnerable. You always have...

  • Introducing Filmmaker and writer Terrance Daye

    Poetry and scriptwriting actually have a lot in common. The economy of words. Reducing the most complicated and expansive of ideas into images at once recognizable yet charged. My experiences with depression led me into filmmaking. I turned to filmmaking to capture the feelings..

  • Introducing Filmmaker and Writer
    Ankit Poudel

    As a Nepali filmmaker, I deem it as my responsibility to bring about the, long overdue, “new wave” in Nepali cinema, to position it in the world stage and to prepare it for a wider viewership. It is my ultimate goal to achieve this..

  • Introducing Filmmaker and writer Storm Saulter

    Fresh new perspectives from people who have previously never had the platform to express them are now the most valued. It is being proven over and over again at the box office, on streaming platforms and beyond, that audiences want to discover new world's, new people, and the intricacies of their language and sound...

  • Introducing Filmmaker, writer and producer Kelley Kali

     I find it important for us as artists to be willing to go to those unattractive places in our storytelling to help address these often unspoken issues, hold conversations about the taboo, and hopefully, the art can be used to help begin the healing process for those who need to heal..

  • Introducing Filmmaker and writer Stefon Bristol

    You have to be open to being honest with yourself and with others. Filmmakers are trained to be lie detectors. Not in an overt or mischievous way, but it just comes with the training. You have to learn how to elevate the subtext when making a film. And that takes honesty..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Ria Tobaccowala

    Films are a reflection of our diverse views on what it means to be human. With the majority of films led by male filmmakers, half our population are put in supporting roles or completely silenced. I was..

  • #BonfireStories - Introducing Writer, actor and Producer Coffey

    One of the key lessons I've learned is that everything isn't for everybody, so pay attention to detail and accept what it is, but don't change what you..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Naima Ramos- Chapman

    Stress is an illusion we invest in that keeps us distracted for what our purpose is. Films that really move anyone have a lot to do with the energy put in them so as a writer-director I just do..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Numa Perrier

    In Jezebel part of this involves the sisters doing adult entertainment as young black women against the very white backdrop of Las Vegas. Making the film was thrilling and scary and touching..

  • Introducing Filmmaker and Producer Sam Hicks

    The toughest challenge I've faced so far was valuing work and success over love. I've always been a career/dream oriented person and up until recently I had to learn always to put people..

  •  Introducing Filmmaker, writer and Storyteller Angel Hobbs

    Having patience can be very tough. The filmmaking process has really taught the value of patience and planning and sticking to a plan and not rushing it just to..

  • Introducing Playwright and Producer Mustafa Kaymak

    I relearned that the content is king and everyone and everything else is there to serve the content. And if you’re lucky and if you are working on content that is “worthy” to chase after..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Alfonso Johnson

    I wrote the film as a “I see you and I hear you” to people living with mental illness. My aunt who’s Bi-Polar and some of my closest friends live with Mental Illness and I was tired of seeing them struggle with the stigma and struggle accepting themselves..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Justin Luis Denis

    I also want people to appreciate the transcendent power of comedy and to realize there is something truly empowering in being able to laugh at oneself and the tragicomic aspects of reality..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, writer and producer Andrea Lewis

    I don’t think I have a unique responsibility as a filmmaker, I just try my best to be an authentic artist and I think all filmmakers..

  • Introducing Filmmaker, and writer Stephen Ohl

    It’s awful to say that a film you make has an intended message. But I know that everything I make has a strong meaning and message to me. Whether I think the audience should come away with that themselves is a whole different story...