• What does Our Campfire do exactly?

    Our Campfire is an artist-owned independent film production, finance and media company that brings artists and audiences closer together through unique original content and exclusive experiences. Therefore we prioritize on informing and highlighting the community on the latest unreleased and released film content. Our Campfire is available worldwide, and we currently offer passionate audiences and the artists that create these stories original video series, podcasts:"Bonfire Stories" exclusive content;"Bonfire Spotlight" and unique experiences. Throughout the year we also host exclusive pop-up screenings that we call "Coalesce Cinema".
  • How does Our Campfire benefit audiences? 

    Being filmmakers and film lovers ourselves we felt that independent film projects were often unnoticed due to a variety of reasons. Our mission is to create a platform that doesn’t limit budding and established creators at large and to change the scope of how Independent filmmakers are marketed and how their films are distributed.
  • What's Coalesce cinema about?

    An experience that unifies passionate audiences and the filmmakers that create the stories. Coalesce Cinema serves a part of a wider movement that offers an alternative route for those seeking to get their film screened before its distributed. See "Coalesce Cinema".
  • What are the categories for submission?

    Action. Adventure. Animation. Biography. Comedy. Crime. Documentary. Drama. Film Noir. Horror. Musical. Mystery. Romance. Sci-Fi. Sport. Thriller. Western.